Spark Hybrid International High School is the first high school in Romania that follows a hybrid model. With the tradition and experience of Transylvania College, we created a high school destined for students all over the world, not just Romanian ones. 

At Spark, all our courses are Cambridge accredited and follow the Cambridge curricula. It is a great option if you want to continue studying abroad but it is a great one if you want to continue your studies in Romania as well. 

What makes us different, apart from being hybrid, is that we focus on having a whole-child education. We make sure all the needs of the students are listened to, make sure we offer them support and prepare them to become fit for the future. 

More than this, what we offer is the possibility to design the curricula according to your needs. Students get to choose what courses they are interested in. We believe this is the right approach to show children we care about their interests, passions and choices. It is through making their decisions regarding what courses to follow, that students here are engaged. 

The hybrid learning system that we offer, gives students and parents the possibility to continue their extra – curriculum activities from anywhere in the world without being worried that they will miss a class.

The future of e-Learning is wide open! Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. It happens everywhere through a number of different channels. – Eric Schuermann 

Please feel free to check our website and ask for more information if you are interested. 

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Our Leadership Team is composed of experts with management experience, deep knowledge in education, as well as tracked experience in IT. Together we work for the greater good of our community of students, parents, and teachers. More details, here.

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