IBSB: Primary School Open Morning

Attending an Open Morning at IBSB will offer you the chance to experience our academic programme first-hand, to better understand how our curriculum is structured, how we support our students to learn, and the types of extra extracurricular activities that are on offer throughout the school year.

Your visit will begin with morning tea with the Head of School and the Admissions team, followed by a short presentation on our ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ explaining why so many of our students make above average progress and go on to study at the best universities around the world. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers at the end.

You will also get to hear from our students first-hand, as they share their personal experience of learning at IBSB with you, before they take you on a personalised tour of the school. You will be able to visit a variety of classes to see learning in progress, look through the class textbooks and student workbooks, and speak with the teachers directly.

At IBSB, we pride ourselves on offering our students the support they need to succeed in their studies, and during your visit we are confident that you will see just how good our educational programme is.

Booking your Place

The Primary School Open Morning is dedicated to families who are interested in joining our EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage) Programme (3-4 years old) and the Primary School from Year 1 to Year 6 (5-10 years old).

In order to personalise your visit, it would be very helpful to know your child(ren)’s details and which classes you would like to visit by completing the booking form here.

Please click the curriculum link to find out more about the curriculum outline and to show you in which year your child will be placed in.

If you cannot attend the Open Morning, you can always arrange a personal visit or tour of International British School of Bucharest by contacting the Admissions ‘Department below. For further information regarding the Primary School Open Morning please contact:


claudia marta
Claudia Marta
(Head of Admissions)
E-mail: admissions@ibsb.ro
Phone: +40 21 253 1698
Fax: +40 21 253 1697
Mobile: +40757 071 416
Florina Georgescu
(Admissions & PR Officer)
E-mail: office@ibsb.ro
Phone: +40 21 253 1698
Fax: +40 21 253 1697
Mobile: +40 742 237 204